Upgrading your AlphaPC 164 firmware

- to SRM

Copy to a FAT formatted floppy. Select "Update firmware" from the ARC menu. On reboot, you should get a blue screen. Hit enter a few times, and you should get a prompt ">>>". Then do:

>>> set os_type unix
>>> set console graphics

It doesn't work with Adaptec SCSI controllers and probably never will:

Subject: Re: QLogic ISP problem
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 16:49:44 -0500
From: Jay Estabrook @ Compaq

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 03:02:07PM -0500, Daniel C. Green wrote:
> I hate to tell you this, but I finally broke down and started using an 
> adaptec 2940uw.  All my problems went away.  It's recognized under srm 
> and everything.

Adaptec drivers, IMHO, are one of the Linux "wins" over the last
couple of years, as they are now actively developed by the
manufacturer. So don't "hate" to say it, tout it! :-) :-)

Also, everyone MUST remember that not all SRM consoles will recognize and
support Adaptec controllers. Guidelines are:

0. latest available SRM console versions

1. all COMPAQ EV6-based (or later) boxes

2. at least the API UP2000 and UP2000+, I believe, and possibly UP1x00

3. LX164 (aka AlphaPC164-LX) and SX164 (aka AlphaPC164-SX)

All others, AFAIK, do NOT support Adaptec controllers.


I use an inexpensive Tekram DC-390F (Symbios Logic 83C875), which gives me excellent performance.

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