My new computer case(s)

When I discovered that you could buy liquid cooling systems in the city I live in, I knew I had to have one.

Unfortunately, it couldn't fit in the case I have now. So I had to buy a new one. After looking for a while, I happened upon this case - YY-0221 and this case - Chenbro NetServer. I decided that I would buy the YY case, since it was less expensive and available in Aalborg.

The case now looks like this.

Unfortunately, it seems Coolerkit have stopped responding to my enquiries, so I'll have to find somewhere else to buy the pieces for a watercooling rig.

At some point I'll want to make the case look a bit more fancy, so I've been looking at various options:

The next case will probably be based on a case for 25 mm machine cannon ammunition.

That one will probably feature military-style toggle switches, and an analog meter, showing CPU load.

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Last updated: 2002-06-06 00:27